Zhiyun-Tech Crane v2 Gimbal Unboxing

In our first product review video, I unbox the Zhiyun-Tech Crane v2 3-Axis Gimbal and talk about how we plan to use it. This sets up a few later videos where we will be doing the initial balancing and then reviewing some test footage.


Zhiyun-Tech Crane v2 3-Axis Gimbal

Video Transcript

Hey content creators, David Tucker from OneMan Video here, and today we're gonna be looking at a 3-Access Gimbal, the Zhiyun Crane v2. I just got this in today, and so we're gonna do a quick unboxing.

So I'm gonna be taking this, which is the actual unit itself. We're gonna unbox it, and then we're gonna look at connecting it here with my Canon 80D. Now this Canon 80D is what I use when I am shooting video outside of the studio. It's got really great auto focus capabilities, so I think this is gonna be a great match for this Gimbal.

Let's go ahead, and let's talk a little bit about this. This is a new process for me. I haven't used a Gimbal like this before. This is a 3-Access Gimbal that has great reviews. I've seen a lot of other YouTuber's using it for a lot of footage. So today again, we're gonna do a quick unboxing and then we're gonna actually ... I'll shoot another video of actually showing my experience with it.

So let me go ahead and open this up. This literally has not been opened at all. So I'm gonna rip open the box to get off the seal, and then we're gonna open this up. Okay. With this particular unit, it actually comes with a hard case, which is pretty awesome. That's generally gonna be needed. If we look in here, this is gonna come with most all the pieces that you're gonna need for operation.

We've got here the main unit itself. Here we have this. We have an addition to that. We have the unit that actually attaches to the bottom that's gonna include the batteries. We have two of these rechargeable batteries that actually come with the unit. Normal silicon packets. We can throw those out. We've got some extra padding in here as well. We then have a charging cable, which looks to be a micro USB cable, along with a charger for those two batteries. Now these batteries are ... They're about the size of a C battery, but obviously there's some differences there as well, and so you're gonna wanna be able to use the ones that come with it. You obviously can purchase some additional ones as well.

Now, from all the reviews that I've read, people are saying that these batteries last the full amount of time that's advertised, which is gonna be about six hours. Which is awesome, because that gives you plenty of time if you're out doing a shoot, you have two of them so you do have the ability to switch it out and have another one that's actually going to be able to take over at that point.

Let's take a quick look at just what's provided. Here, the little instruction packet that comes with it. It looks like it's like a CD packet, but there's actually not a CD in there with it. We get the full user guide that comes with it. So if we look through here, this is probably gonna give you all the information that you need to get this thing up and going.

So what I'm gonna do real quick is I'm gonna go through the initial process of charging the battery so we can jump in and actually go through the process of setting up and actually balancing out the Gimbal, and I can go shoot some test shots with it.

So be sure to come back here to the next video where we look at the actual process of doing the balancing on the Zhiyun Crane v2.