An Introduction to One Man Video

In this initial video, I chat about the challenges that I've faced as a solo video content creator, and I set the stage for what I hope to help you with in your videos.

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Video Transcript

Hey, guys, and welcome to One Man Video. My name is David Tucker, and I am not a videographer by trade. I'm a software engineer, but I spend a lot of time making content that I want to put out on my site and through YouTube. You know what I've learned? I've got to do it efficiently, it's all about optimizing how you create content. So, I've decided to go down the process of trying to figure out the best way to be one person shooting videos and getting it cranked out regularly.

So, I've created this channel, One Man Video, to talk you through how I'm addressing some of those challenges. I'm going to walk you through first how I'm building out a completely new set up. I use DSLRs here in my studio, and I want to figure out how, when I am done shooting a video, I can be done, no post-production, just ready to push it out. So, I'm switching to a complete live switcher setup and I'm going to walk you through all that.

Again, this isn't my area of expertise, I do have a lot of other experience, and I'm going to be trying to bring the two together to show you the most efficient way to be one person shooting your own video and getting them cranked out as fast as possible. So, if that's of interest to you, be sure to subscribe and hang around, we're going to walk through this initial build and a lot of other cool things to automate the process of creating these videos.

So, stay with us here on One Man Video.